Friday, 23 May 2008

Betta Fish Care - What You Need To Know

Betta Fish Care.
Betta Fish Secrets is a guide dedicated to Betta Fish lovers everywhere. Betta Fish can be some of the easiest fish to care for if you know what you are doing. Unfortunately for most Betta fish, their owners are clueless on how to take care of them.

For example, did you know that they love to jump out of the water? These fish are some of the most playful fish you will ever see. This can be both good and bad. The good is that they are very entertaining fish when they are in the mood , but the bad, is if you don't take proper care of them, they could commit suicide by jumping out of the water!

Another secret about Bettas is that they can breath both through their gills in the water and through an organ on the top of their heads which allows them to take in oxygen from the surface. Wonder why this is so? Well betas love to eat and one of their favorite meals in the wild was the bugs on the surface of the water. Their upturned mouths allowed for them to easily suck down the unsuspecting mosquito or waterbug.

Did you know that Bettas are easily affected by their environment? This is why it is vitally important to research tank size, and tank accessories prior to purchasing. Getting the wrong tank can spell disaster for your fish.

Betta Fish Secrets reveals to you many secrets surrounding these exotic fish. There is so much information packed into the ebook that taking care of a Betta shouldn't be hard at all.

Betta Fish Care