Sunday, 6 July 2008

Betta Fish Care - What You Don't Know Will Hurt Your Betta Fish

Betta fish bowls are by far one of the biggest misconceptions about Betta fish. Many people are under the impression that if you buy a Betta fish you can just let them sit in the bowl you purchased from the store and everything will be fine. This is probably the worst myth regarding them.

Here is why-Betta fish were not meant to be confined to a small bowl. On the contrary, they love to swim around. In the wild they have plenty of room to do their thing, but as a pet, if the owner doesn't give them a great home to swim in, then ultimately the Betta will be unhappy and their life expectancy will lessen. Think about this for a moment, would you be happy if you were confined to a 6ft by 6ft box each day? Then why do we assume our Bettas will enjoy a dinky little 4 inch diameter bowl?

They don't. In fact, smaller fish bowls may actually harm your Betta.

Now, what are some other good tips to know about purchasing Betta fish bowls?

If you need to go small, be sure that your fish bowl is big enough so that your Betta's fins and tail aren't always touching the sides or bottom.

Your bowl needs to be aesthetically pleasing to you. Don't go purchase some cheesy bowl (a glass bowl shaped like a fish comes to mind). A nice, elegant glass bowl that shows off the fish and helps to make them a great conversation piece during gatherings makes great Betta fish bowls.

Don't go too big for just the one fish. He doesn't need a 20 gallon tank!

Add some decoration to the inside of the bowl, preferably small, smooth pebbles; some kind of aquatic plants and small buildings or figures.

Be sure to get a bowl/tank with a cover. Betta fish have been known to jump out of the water and end up on the table...which will spell disaster for your Betta if you don't happen to be around when it happens.

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Eric is a Betta fish enthusiast and loves spending time with his daughter taking care of their Betta.

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