Wednesday, 21 May 2008

Betta Fish Care

A Betta fish is a beautiful freshwater fish that comes in extraordinary color patterns. It is one of the most inexpensive fish to keep and doesn't need much care at all. You will have a healthy fish if you follow these simple care requirements.

The Betta fish is one of the most well known aquarium fish. It comes in many colors including red, blue, purple, green and white. The males have much brighter colors than females and also have longer fins. Bettas are originally from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, parts of China and

Vietnam. They are usually found in very shallow waters, such as rice paddies and shallow ponds. Bettas can live to be two or three years old.

Bettas may look like regular fish, but they are actually very different. Unlike most fish, the Betta breathes air by going up to the surface of the water. This makes them very easy to keep because it is not necessary to have any airpump, filtration, or aeration at all in their tank. They do well in small bowls; you won't have to buy a large, expensive aquarium for this fish.

You must be sure not to keep two male Bettas in a tank together because they will fight to the death. Females can be kept together though.

Many people think that Bettas cannot be kept with any other fish but this is not true. Male Bettas and female Bettas can be kept with other peaceful fish species. Just don't put them in with any aggressive fish that may nip their fins.

Bettas must be fed once a day. Be sure you don't overfeed this fish. Don't leave any uneaten food in the bowl. They can be fed freeze dried brine shrimp or freeze dried blood worms. They don't usually like freeze dried worm cubes or flake food though. There are many foods sold at pet stores specifically for Bettas. Any of these will do.

Be sure to clean your fish bowl once a week if you don't have a filter on it. For the water in the tank, start with tap water and add a product that removes chlorine. Follow the directions on the package. Also add one teaspoon of aquarium salt. Make sure any water you add to the bowl is the same temperature as the water in the bowl.

Keep a lid on the bowl because the Betta can jump out if you don't have one on. Just make sure that there are holes in the lid so the fish can get air. It is also good to have a live plant in the fish bowl. Bettas love to rest on plant leaves. They even have a plant called "Betta Bulbs" that you can use. If you put a plant in the bowl, you will need to have gravel. Gravel gets dirty easily so you must be sure to clean it regularly. If the tank gets dirty, your Betta will get sick.

The Betta is a tropical fish, so keep the bowl in a warm spot. They like to be in temperatures around 75 to 80 degrees. Just don't put the bowl in direct sun or in a drafty spot.

If you follow these simple requirements for this fish, it will be healthy and happy. Bettas are absolutely striking fish to watch. You will surely enjoy this fish!

Betta Fish Care